Things that never change...

I subscribe to the online New York Time, and defintely NOT because I subscribe to their wild eyed  iiberal ideology.  I signed on with it because it gives me an excellent headsup on what they are whining about...on a daily basis.  This Sunday's NYT morning briefing is a perfect example.  It make absolutely no difference what the items are, the leading news outlet for the "dark side" will write the story with some form of snide or negative reference.

 Some where a while back someone wrote, "If President Trump, on Christmas day walked out on the frigid waters of the Potomac and rescued a foundering puppy, the NYT's headline would read,  
                                            "Donald Trump cannot swim!"
I have pasted below the link for you may use if you would like to test the veracity of my observations.  This is not a big new deal.  With the main stream media across the nation with their head in their duffel bag....this shaded slant throughout print, TV and online is a daily brainwash for the young and dumb, the uninformed and uneducated.

The ONLY briefing item for the weekend is the story about our loss of Chuck Berry.  Quite amazing that they did not say, "President Trump refuses  to attend funeral of music legend Chuck Berry!"